August 28

RGP at a Glance


So How About RGP?

After you become used to using lenses properly and safely, you are going to find it is something you do naturally. Other forms of lenses may be used for around a year. With a tiny bit of care, gas permeable contact lenses can endure for years, so long as you don’t take a prescription change.

What You Should Do About RGP Beginning in the Next 3 Minutes

Lenses will be given to a specific prescription and transferring lenses may actually damage your eyes by exposing you to the possibility of infections. There is a particular sort of gas permeable lens employed in orthokeratology and the replacement schedule for this lens might be more frequent. Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses are produced from polymeric materials which do not contain any water all.

Ask your physician if the lenses we recommended would do the job for you. Acuvue lenses comprise 79 percent water and are made out of very soft materials which do not harm the eyes at all. Acuvue disposable contact lenses are offered in three different types.

RGP lenses offer you crisp vision and are frequently preferred by men and women with high degrees of astigmatism. An RGP lens is constructed of a rigid plastic that doesn’t absorb as much remedy as a soft lens. They have specifically been developed for individuals with astigmatism, individuals who prefer strong, sharp vision, and people who are unable to wear traditional sot lenses or do not experience a good result. Newer RGP lenses offer you the benefit of allowing more oxygen to pass through the eye.


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