May 7

RGP Features


RGP are extremely decent for correcting high amount of astigmatism and presbyopia. RGP are produced from a different kind of plastic, making them more flexible than hard lenses. There are though, a few RGP that may be worn as extended wear contact lenses.

The Advantages of RGP

RGP lenses cannot be torn easily. An RGP lens is made from a rigid plastic that doesn’t absorb as much remedy as a soft lens. Newer RGP lenses provide the benefit of allowing more oxygen to pass through the eye.

RGP lenses are rather pricey. Interestingly enough, you might have noticed that RGP lenses continue to be around, and are rather popular. On the flip side, RGP lenses can break and are simple to lose. Today’s RGP contact lenses are made from silicone which permits lots of oxygen to get to the eye.

Details of RGP

In years past lenses meant for continuous wear increased the potential for contracting an eye infection. Moreover, contact lenses have to be worn responsibly and your eye specialist will have the ability to give advice on aspects like maintenance and the right procedures for wearing and cleaning the lenses, and the wellness problems that may arise on account of their incorrect usage. Bifocal eyeglasses used to be the sole alternative for individuals with the condition, but today there are a number of bifocal contact lenses in a selection of convenient and comfortable designs.


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