April 27

Scleral Contact Lens at a Glance


The lenses feature a one of a kind out-of-this world design that makes the illusion of jet black eyes, covering the full irises and the majority of the sclera. Scleral lenses are replaced every one or two decades. A scleral contact lens is needed to increase vision in the moderate and severe phases of keratoconus.

Scleral Contact Lens Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Due to every one of the above mentioned reasons, scleral lenses aren’t utilized in a routine fashion. They are able to mask such irregularities and provide a smoother front surface for improved vision. They do require a slightly different way of thinking than other lenses. The scleral lens will continue to serve an exceptional role for some quite unique circumstances.

Sometimes, to help in removal in addition to aid in tear flow below the lens, the lens might be fenestrated. Thus, the lenses were made much smaller and were developed to sit just on the cornea. They also are more expensive than regular contacts. Scleral lenses are created out of highly oxygen permeable GP materials. They can also be superior to other modalities when it comes to contact lens related dryness. They have gained popularity in the last decade. In most instances, a post-surgical scleral contact lens is essential to accomplish the best visual acuity following a corneal transplant.


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