April 12

The Hidden Gem of RGP


RGP are extremely fantastic for correcting high amount of astigmatism and presbyopia. RGP are produced from a different kind of plastic, making them more flexible than hard lenses. An RGP is just valid for 28 days from issue, and you need to export the goods within that moment, or apply to get a new RGP.


The New Fuss About RGP

RGP lenses are rather pricey. Interestingly enough, you might have noticed that RGP lenses continue to be around, and are quite common. RGP lenses can’t be torn easily. On the other hand, they can break and are easy to lose. Newer RGP lenses offer you the benefit of allowing more oxygen to pass through the eye.

Third, if you change lenses, the chance of bacterial infection is much smaller. There is another sort of contact lens known as the gas permeable lens. See the way you can acquire cheap disposable contact lenses There are several daily disposable contacts on the industry.

RGP – the Conspiracy

In some scenarios, it’s beneficial to piggyback the RGP lens with a soft contact lens, which consequently functions as a bandage lens. RGP lenses are a favorite choice for bifocal wearers. RGP contact lenses are produced from polymeric materials and do not include any water.


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