April 11

The Secret to Contact Lens for Keratoconus


Contact lens for keratoconus

The Argument About Contact Lens for Keratoconus

To eliminate any possibility of cornea wounds and eye infections, no lens needs to be used for quite a long moment. A poorly fitting lens can induce scarring on the eye surface and discomfort and bad vision. For patients with keratoconus, fitting a contact lens can be challenging, silicone hydrogels can many times be an important portion of the fitting procedure. Because fitting a gas permeable contact lens on a cone-shaped cornea can occasionally be uncomfortable for somebody with keratoconus, some eye care practitioners advocate piggybacking” two different varieties of contact lenses on exactly the same eye.

Even if you opt to fit a less costly lens, it’s smart to have one standard price for keratoconus lenses. Additionally, it is necessary your lenses fit comfortably in your eyes without an irritation. In many instances, semi-scleral contact lenses are extremely comfortable when providing superior vision.

Contact Lens for Keratoconus Fundamentals Explained

When you buy nonprescription lenses, you’re buying a generic size which may be too big for your eyes and can lead to permanent damage to your corneas. In the majority of instances, soft lenses alone won’t get the job done. Furthermore, toric contact lenses are offered in various colours. The monthly disposable contact lenses aren’t behind with regard to affordability and convenience.


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