May 26

Why Everybody Is Dead Mistaken Regarding Hybrid Contacts


Hybrid Contacts – the Story

As you probably know, contact lenses have come a ways in the last couple of decades. It is crucial for contact lenses to at all times stay moist. Fitting a gas permeable lens in addition to a soft contact lens is known as a piggyback lens.

In the majority of instances, a hybrid lens can be fit properly within a few visits. Your Hybrid Contact lens is going to be custom fit for your prescription and the form and size of your eye. Hybrid contact lenses are lenses mean to supply the best characteristics of two kinds of lenses. The Duette hybrid contact lens is the perfect choice if you would like both very clear vision and comfortable lenses.

Hybrid lenses have become the treatment of choice for the majority of patients with keratoconus. Hybrid contact lenses have gotten so widespread they’re offered in single vision and multifocal. They may be an option if you have an irregular corneal curvature (keratoconus) or you have trouble wearing gas-permeable lenses.

GP lenses are incredibly effective, but a lot of men and women find them uncomfortable. They have been prescribed to people with keratoconus for many years. GP contact lenses are a favorite selection for astigmatism contacts. They are rigid and do not conform the irregular shape of the cornea.


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